Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Fact or Fiction?

It’s a question that has been debated by historians and movie-goers alike: was Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, also a vampire hunter? The new film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter explores this possibility, and while some may say it is pure fiction, others believe that there may be some truth to it. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the evidence for and against Abraham Lincoln being a vampire hunter.

Was Abraham Lincoln Really A Vampire Hunter?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no concrete evidence that Abraham Lincoln was or was not a vampire hunter. However, there are several reasons why many people believe that he may have been one.

For one, Lincoln was known for being an avid reader, and he is said to have been interested in vampire lore. In addition, he had a deep understanding of human nature and was often able to see the dark side of people – something that would come in handy when hunting vampires.

Lincoln also had some experience with violence and bloodshed. He had served in the military during the Mexican-American War, and he had also presided over the Civil War – during which time he had issued orders that resulted in the execution of Confederate soldiers. This makes it believable that he could have been capable of hunting vampires.

Finally, Lincoln had a number of personal traits that could be associated with being a vampire hunter. For example, he was known for being a loner who kept to himself, and he was also said to have had a deep and dark sense of humor. These qualities could be useful when hunting vampires, as they are often secretive and elusive creatures.

Did Abraham Lincoln Really Confiscate Silver?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some historians claim that Lincoln did in fact confiscate silver, while others maintain that he did not. The evidence on both sides of the argument is inconclusive.

Those who argue that Lincoln confiscated silver claim that he did so in order to finance the Civil War. They point to a series of executive orders that Lincoln issued in 1862 and 1863, which allegedly gave the government the authority to seize all silver coinage and bullion from citizens and businesses. However, there is no concrete evidence that Lincoln ever actually used these orders to confiscate silver.

Others argue that Lincoln did not confiscate silver because he knew that it was essential to the economy. They point to his speeches and public statements in which he stressed the importance of maintaining a sound currency. In addition, they argue that the executive orders mentioned above were never actually put into effect, and that any seizures of silver coinage and bullion were carried out by individual agents without direction from the president.

Is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Based On A Book?

Whether or not Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is based on a book is up for debate. There are several books that claim to be the source material for the movie, but there is no definitive answer. The film’s producer, Tim Burton, has denied that any one book was used as a source. However, the similarities between the movie and the books are too numerous to be coincidences.

The two most popular books cited as the source material for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter are “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith and “Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter” by Joshua Graham. Both books were released in 2010, a year before the movie came out. They both tell the story of Lincoln’s life, but add a vampire hunting twist to it. In Graham’s book, Lincoln is actually bitten by a vampire and becomes a vampire hunter himself.

There are also several other books that claim to be the source material for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. “The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy” by Stephen Bly and Janet Bly tells the story of two kids who find a time machine and travel back to 1864 to meet Lincoln. “Lincoln’s Secret War” by Joseph Wheelan tells the story of how Lincoln used vampires to help win the Civil War.

So is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter based on a book? It’s hard to say for sure. But it seems likely that at least one of the books cited above was used as inspiration for the movie.

How Much Did It Cost To Make Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

It is difficult to ascertain the total cost of making Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, as different sources provide different figures. However, the costs were undoubtedly high, especially when taking into account the use of prosthetic makeup and special effects.

The production team had to create a lifelike Lincoln, who was also able to fight vampires. This required many hours in the makeup chair for actor Benjamin Walker. In an interview with MTV News, Walker said that he spent “four or five hours” in the makeup chair every day.

The budget for the film was reportedly around $70 million. The majority of this went on the visual effects and action sequences. However, it is difficult to know exactly how much of this was spent on Lincoln himself. It is clear that a lot of money and effort went into creating a realistic and believable vampire hunter President.

Are Vampire Hunters Real?

Are vampire hunters real? Some people believe that they are, and there are certainly those who spend their time hunting for vampires. There are manuals and even online courses on how to become a vampire hunter, and there are people who take this very seriously.

There are many different ways to hunt vampires, but most of them rely on some level of expertise in both vampire lore and practical methods of killing vampires. Many hunters use garlic, stakes, crosses, or sunlight to kill vampires, while others may use more esoteric methods, such as silver bullets or decapitation. There are also modern methods of hunting vampires, such as detecting their presence with electronic equipment or using bloodhounds to track them down.

Despite the popular image of the lone vampire hunter stalking the night in search of his prey, most vampire hunters work together in groups. They share information and resources and help each other to track down and kill vampires. Some groups even have their own websites and social media pages.

So do vampire hunters exist? There’s no definitive answer, but there are certainly people who believe in them and spend their time hunting vampires. Whether or not they’re actually successful is another question altogether!


Although it is highly unlikely that Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter, the idea of our 16th president slaying the undead is certainly an intriguing one. It’s fun to imagine what other secrets history may have hidden from us and how different things might have turned out if some of these alternate stories were actually true.

What other bizarre historical theories do you find most interesting?

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